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What Are the Best Wool Slippers?

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Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine. 

The Goal: Find the best unisex slippers for padding around the house on snowy winter Sundays. We focused on wool because it acts as a natural water absorber to keep feet sweat-free and prevent overheating. Then we picked three of the most popular options — the classic German Haflinger, the Danish-designed glerups, and the newfangled Mahabis — and got Hygge.

The Verdict: glerups were all-around the most comfortable. Though glerups was founded in 1993, this northern-Denmark-based company has recently seen a surge in popularity (the trend in “pajama dressing” must not have hurt). Where the Haflingers have a bothersome seam down the middle, the glerups use a single piece of wool that forms the most snug, attractive, and seamless foot pocket. And where the Mahabis have a thin inner sole, the glerups use thick double felt layers for extra plushness. Plus, the outer sole is lightweight calfskin, durable enough to wear down to the lobby to pick up the mail.

glerups Slip­On Slipper

*This article appears in the January 23, 2017, issue of New York Magazine.

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