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You'll want to wear them everywhere

Once upon a time, the slipper lived under the bed. The “bedroom” slipper was tired and dull or pink and fluffy and didn’t get out much. Then Nanny Glerups had a dream to free the slipper. “A slipper should be comfortable, natural, and fun!” glerups feel at home just about anywhere. People take glerups for overnights. Throw glerups into a purse or pack to slip into at parties. Relax in glerups on long flights. Get natural in glerups around the campsite. Your glerups go where you go. You’ll wish you could wear them everywhere!

Nanny Glerups
“It started as a hobby at our small farm in Denmark—making practical, comfortable, colourful slippers for family and friends using our own wool. It was a slow, step-by-step process that turned into a passion. We go a bit faster now, but we still put the love, natural comfort and family pride into every glerups we make.”

—Nanny Glerups, Founder



Why Gotland Wool?

Why Gotland Wool?

glerups started with wool from our own Gotland sheep. Gotland fleece is renowned for its lustrous, silky fibre. Rarely equaled.

Over the years glerups perfected the wool mix by blending Gotland wool with quality wool from New Zealand farmers. These farmers meet glerup’s high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare. glerups works with them every step of the way and follow each pair of glerups from their happy sheep to your happy feet.



Meringa Station - New Zealand


glerups Production Process


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