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Thank you for a great product!

Hi there... I've just purchased a pair of your slippers (sorry, indoor shoes)... I love them! They are the ladies' slippers with the rubber sole. I just wanted to tell you a story, something you may want to add to your 'plusses' when discussing your products... when I wore my old slippers with the vinyl sole and manmade uppers, I used to get a 'shock' when I walked on our carpeted floors and then touched something metal, or even a shock when I kissed my husband after walking on the carpets. Well, with my new glerups, no shocks EVER. I am so pleased. Cheers, and thank you for a great product!



I wanted to say thank you for the pair of glerups.

I absolutely love them. Truthfully, I look forward to walking into the house and putting them on. 

Thanks again.

S. Connery


The best slippers, slides, and shoes for lounging around the house

 If you hate the idea of wearing your house shoes anywhere but under the sanctity of your own roof (and if that’s you, hats off—because your hygiene is next level), then these are your perfect match. These cult-favorite slippers are made of steam-felted wool that is formed into socks for a perfect fit before it is stitched onto a soft, thin, quiet leather sole (that is very much akin to a traditional moccasin), so they’re perfect for wearing exclusively in the home. They’re unisex (so make sure you order the right size!) and are surprisingly breathable for something made of wool. Additionally, the glerups wool construction means they have naturally-occurring anti-stink and antimicrobial properties, so they are fresh for year-round wear with or without socks.

Lauren Steele - Fast Company



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