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We do some of our best work in the bedroom—keeping tootsies warm! But Glerups also get out and about, that’s what our blog is about. From bedroom to base camp. From Alliston to Antarctica. Glerups make people feel warm all over!

Why We Love glerups Slippers

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Why We Love glerups Slippers

Photo: Sarak Kobos By Anna Perling Published November 8, 2021 A few years ago, I volunteered to test a pair of glerups slippers, our upgrade slipper pick. I haven’t found a better slipper since. Once my feet were shod in these sleek, comfortable woolen shoes (which somehow never felt too hot), I simply couldn’t suffer through walking on the bare wooden floors of my New York City apartment without them. Original Article on: NY Times Wirecutter 

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