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We do some of our best work in the bedroom—keeping tootsies warm! But Glerups also get out and about, that’s what our blog is about. From bedroom to base camp. From Alliston to Antarctica. Glerups make people feel warm all over!

A glerups Iceberg Expedition

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A glerups Iceberg Expedition

Slippers make you think of cold nights, warm fires and cozy blankets. They’re the ideal footwear to sport inside, after a long day, when you’re ready to relax. While glerups are certainly the great for this, Brand Ambassador Sarah Gutowsky believes that glerups are great for so much more. Like keeping her toes warm on a recent Antarctic research mission. Sarah works actively with the Dalhousie University Biology Department, where she acquired her PhD. She’s had the opportunity to participate in a number of research expeditions in extreme weather conditions. Her latest trip, with Quark Expeditions took her to the...

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