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A glerups Iceberg Expedition

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Slippers make you think of cold nights, warm fires and cozy blankets. They’re the ideal footwear to sport inside, after a long day, when you’re ready to relax. While glerups are certainly the great for this, Brand Ambassador Sarah Gutowsky believes that glerups are great for so much more.

Like keeping her toes warm on a recent Antarctic research mission.

Sarah works actively with the Dalhousie University Biology Department, where she acquired her PhD. She’s had the opportunity to participate in a number of research expeditions in extreme weather conditions. Sarah Gutowsky, Grey Boots, Glerups Canada, Glerups, Hygge Her latest trip, with Quark Expeditions took her to the Antarctic Peninsula aboard The Ocean Endeavour vessel. One place she was certainly grateful to have her glerups.

What makes glerups so different from other slippers? Well, Sarah believes these slippers achieve a balance between style and functionality. “They’re incredibly well made,” she says. “I can rely on them not to fall apart mid-season.” Her expeditions require footwear versatility, warmth and durability. After wearing glerups on ship for two months, Sarah proudly shares, “they are the ideal footwear for on-board expedition ships in the polar regions.”

glerups seemed to draw constant attention from passengers and staff alike, Sarah reports. She was constantly directing people to the glerups.ca website and encouraging them to get their own pair of glerups, even letting them try hers out when they were skeptical. Skepticism soon melted.

Before becoming an unofficial glerups Brand Ambassador, Sarah didn’t know much about the history of glerups or how the slipper came to be. Her love for the product inspired her to learn about the birth of glerups and to share the story with others. Whenever anyone asks, she tells them the glerups story: Started by Nanny glerups, a Danish farmer, who made a few pairs of wool slippers for her family using wool from the family’s herd of Gotland sheep, a breed known for its luxurious warm wool. From a few pairs to worldwide acceptance in a few short years—Nanny glerups was clearly onto something!

Sarah’s only criticism of the brand? That glerups boots weren’t available with a rubber sole.

(Editor’s note: Sarah, we’re happy to announce we’ve answered your wish. Rubber soles are now available in Canada!)

Slipper, shoe or boot, try on a pair of glerups today and, like Sarah, find your hygge!*

*Hygge (pron. hew-ge) is a Danish and Norwegian word describing the quality of cosy comfort that helps people survive long, cold Scandinavian winters.

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