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Our Favorite Slippers Just Got More Versatile - Outside Online

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The coziest slipper you'll ever buy.

Winters in New England are brutal. So while growing up in a middle-of-nowhere-Maine house that my parents insisted on heating with only a woodstove, slippers were less cozy accessory and more toe-saving heat. 

glerups, a Danish brand, makes some of the best I’ve ever worn. 

One of the best parts about glerups is that they're made with only two materials: wool and calfskin leather. To create the felt uppers, the brand washes and dyes all-natural wool until it's silky soft and supple. The result are shoes that permanently mold to a wearer's feet within a few hours. The calfskin leather sole is surprisingly durable: mine show no sign of wear after eight months of steady use. And it's thin enough that they're almost like walking barefoot.

Wool also comes with the added benefit of natural moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties: despite frequently slipping them on after skiing, my glerups are the least smelly shoes in my closet.

What’s more, this fall glerups launched a line of rubber-soled slippers. They have the same super cozy, mold-to-your-feet uppers, but with a more durable sole that provides better traction and lasts longer. Now I don’t even have to put on boots when going outside to grab more wood for that stove. 

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